Dr. Steve Best, Phd

Sometimes I get asked why I don’t eat meats. Now there’s another health benefit vegetarians can boast about. A new study posted in the journal JAMA Internal Remedies viewed data from seven medical studies and 32 other studies printed between 1900 and 2013 where participants kept a vegetarian diet plan and discovered that vegetarians have lower blood pressure compared to people who eat meat.
Thank you for sharing. I’ve been vegetarian for 21 years & have been having medical issues. I have been food analyzed and am sensitive to gluten, wheat, yeast, soft parmesan cheese, tomatoes, bananas to mention a few.. Personally i think better for steering clear of these foods but still have eczema & irritation of my joint parts which I imagine is induced by poor gut health.
Chances are that eating dinner out will offer you less choices and be less attractive if you swap to becoming vegetarian. This is especially true in the Western world and the areas where vegetarianism is a relatively new phenomenon. So you need to be ready to give yourself even more veggie options. When you can make your own food, you can find nothing beats it, but if you have to eat out then you will need to explore new locations and restaurants. Speak to veggie friends and family members to get their reviews and favorites to get you going.
A plant-based diet is the greatest diet for kids, too: Studies have shown that vegetarian kids grow taller and have higher IQs than their classmates, and they’re at a lower life expectancy risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases in the long run.10,11 Studies have shown that even the elderly who move to a vegetarian or vegan diet can prevent and even reverse many chronic disorders.
When baking for my family and friends (all of them are meat enthusiasts), I always use beef substitutes in my own meals. The fun thing is the fact nobody has ever noticed that. I usually listen to something like, Oh, so scrumptious, I didn’t know you started eating meat!” In fact, I don’t even plan to move to a meat-based diet, but I know how to make others think these are eating meat. If you’re a new vegetarian who can’t cope with meat cravings, consider adding some meats substitutes to your each day diet. Soya mince and soya chunks are some of the best ones.rockstar vegetarians